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At Doveel Educational Consultancy, we help connect everyone in value added learning, proper career counselling and guidance to add value for our partner institutions and all other stakeholders.

Who We Are

Doveel Consulting is one of the most successful international student recruitment companies in Nigeria today. Our focus is on recruiting and guiding prospective students towards appropriate education opportunities at universities, colleges, schools & training institutes around the world. We have built trust over the years helping a number of Nigerian students to achieve their dream abroad. We are not only in this industry for business, but we also build  relationships.

Our Vision

To be the market leader in providing one–stop study abroad solutions for the students and help them achieve their goals through proper career counselling and guidance to add value for our partner institutions and all other stakeholders.

Our Mission

To match the student’s abilities, performance and desires with the best possible career options through mentoring and counselling them about their career choices. To provide customized solutions to the students aspiring to study abroad. To build a strong and credible relationship with our clients

Our Goal

We aim to achieve our vision and mission through the following objectives: 

  • To acquire the adequate knowledge about the study destinations, the institutions and the programs in order to provide real counselling and guidance.
  • To provide quality solutions to student’s aspiring to study overseas.
  • To provide English language Test classes and other language courses required to get enrolled in the institutions.
  • To assist students in identifying the proper courses and selecting the appropriate institutions to fulfill desired goals.
  • To guide the students in overall documentation, application process, to assists students with settling down abroad and assisting them with accommodation and settlement plans on arrival.
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Our Services

Student International Recruitment

At Doveel Consulting, we thoroughly understand the student’s background and future career plans while short-listing universities, hence we records 100% admission success rate in student admissions at universities and colleges around the world. .

Youth Counselling/Mentoring Program

Counseling provided by trained professionals can make a profound impact on the lives of youth, families and communities at large. We understand this and so our experienced and trained counselors engage the youth in a two-way communication process during which we give adequate information and help the young person to evaluate their feelings about their problems.

Test Preparation

At Doveel Consulting, we understand the importance of preparation so we provides aggressive coaching classes for all English entrance exams required for an education abroad. Our well-trained and experienced instructors prepares students for the TOEFL, IELTS and PTE examinations to ensure students excel in these exams so that they can achieve admissions at their dream destination.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling is a main component of our responsibility. We understand the importance of career counselling as it helps the students to understand the career options they have, their own strengths and weaknesses with regards to their choice.

Application Processing

The application process for university admission differs from country to country and there is no perfect formula for obtaining admission to your desired university. However, we understand that there are some general rules that candidates can follow and tips that can help them gain admission so we guide them accordingly.

Documentation Guide

Often time prospective students complain of their admission application being rejected by schools they have applied to. The simple reason in most cases is failure to include all the required documents needed by admission department. Our responsibility is to guide the students on how to get these vital documents.

Visa Counselling

We understand that Visa Counselling is the second most important component of study abroad Counselling. Due to our and detailed oriented process, Doveel Consulting enjoys a visa success rate of 100%.

Pre-Departure Session

Every student who has been accepted to study abroad enjoys a pre-departure session. Our pre-departure sessions will help the successful candidates navigate personal and cultural growth opportunities while they're abroad.

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